The 10 Coolest Gaming Commercials of All-Time

Commercial advertisements are one way to get word out about new products and to generate sales. So, we thought that it would be a great time to rank some of the top gaming commercials. ...

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iamnsuperman2775d ago

I do love the 360 stand off commercial

ps not sure it is just me but the PS3 commercial cannot be seen

fatalred alarm2775d ago

Can not see it either, I also liked the stand off one but the playstation 9 one was kind of strange and that one lost my intrest quiet fast.

The rest is quiet good actually, but arn't there way better commercials out there accociated with gaming? (Halo Believe springs to mind)

just_looken2775d ago

same cant see that one but the 989 commercial man that brings you back and i still own a sega gamegear 8AA's per 3hrs gameplay lol.

HolyOrangeCows2775d ago

This list is too full of '84 Apple type crap.

And what is Game Gear's commercial on here for?
HERP DERP colorss!!!!

Ducky2775d ago

PSP one was amusing. Never seen it before.


No if only sony can take note of this and market there games properly.

BiggCMan2775d ago

Sony ALWAYS has great commercials for every single product they put out there. Games, consoles, televisions etc.. When it comes to games, they just don't put them out there as much as Microsoft, Nintendo or Apple. They have the money, they just don't do it for whatever reason, and if anything I prefer it that way because I get annoyed with those other companies trying to shove their shit down my throat. But the commercials Sony make are always spectacular.

wedgie2775d ago

The baby ones for the PS3 at first kind of sucked, but I like the recent ones a lot

sickbird2775d ago

Old Socom 2 commercials were funny...

just_looken2775d ago

your link is busted

anyhow i agree they were funny and we can see it told us the future of online communitys that they have a high ahole team killing population. last gen>this gen

e-p-ayeaH2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I lol'ed at the Game Gear commercial.

90´s were so awesome.

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