GamePro: Asura's Wrath is Big-Time Badassery

GamePro: "One part stylized sci-fi, one part madcap Japanese mythology, and the rest over-the-top action, Asura's Wrath is actually a tough game to describe in writing. If anything, its insane attitude reminds me of God Hand, another outlandish Capcom brawler known for its larger-than-life characters and eccentric attacks.

The eponymous Asura is a demigod who's been betrayed and banished to Earth by his former comrades, the Seven Deities. The Deities have kidnapped Mithra, Asura's daughter, and the disavowed demigod sets off to take his erstwhile affiliates down one by one. We were granted a glimpse at one of Asura's boss fights, an outrageous affair that pits the permanently-pissed protagonist against the behemoth Wyzen, one of the sinister Seven Deities."

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DangerTick2801d ago

More like Big-Time Suckassery along with every other Crapcom game this gen.

lociefer2801d ago

if this isnt badassery i dunno what is, and yes capcom is gonna ruin it with dlc

TheLastGuardian20102801d ago

Are you serious?

Resident 5=Good Solid game
Lost Planet 1=Good Solid Game
Dead Rising=Good Solid Game
Dead Rising 2=Good Solid Game
Marvel vs. Capcom 3=Good Solid Game

People are hating way to much on Capcom for no reason.

Asura's Wrath, and Dragon Dogma are probably my 2 most anticipated titles for this year/next.

cemelc2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

WTF. Thats your opinion those are not great games. Here is mine:

RE 5= Worst resident evil in the series, terrible plot, not an horror game.Got screwed as an early adopter.
Lost Planet= a game with terrible controls.
Dead Rising= A ps2 game in the next gen era.
Dead Rising 2= copy paste with coop.
Marvel Vs Capcom 3= DLC fest
Devil may cry 4=crap,actually the second worst release in the series after 2, no plot.
Lost planet 2= same terrible controls, no plot.
SF4= Got screwed again as an early adopter.

Capcom is one of the worst developers this gen, they deserve all the hate they are getting, look at platinum games, all the develpers that runed away from that company already released bayonneta and vanquish TWO GREAT GAMES.

Raider692801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

This game is made by CYBERCONNECT 2 the same devs that made Naruto and Capcom its only the publisher!The game is over the top and runs on UE3!

VampiricDragon_2801d ago

this game looks far better than dragon dogma.

Cyberconnect is a great developer

TheLastGuardian20102801d ago

Really? Dragon Dogma is being done by the Devil May Cry guy, and the Resident Evil 4 guy.

Not saying one will be better than the other, but the people behind Dragon Dogma is like AAA All Star baseball team, while the people behind Asura's Wrath is AAA minor league team.

graciousd2801d ago

I am just wondering if this game has fix camera like God of War or not. I am really excited for this game.


This game is one of my most anticipated titles for the year...I can't wait to go to E3 I'm so hoping it will be playable.