Valve: Portal 2 Single player 'absolutely the best' we've done. Co-op a 'tie' with Left 4 Dead

"TGL was in London last week play testing Portal 2’s single player and between sessions we managed to grab a hold of Valve’s Chet Faliszek for a quick chat about Portals, fast talking English comics, DLC and why its the best Valve single player experience to date...."

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EYEamNUMBER12775d ago

if this game ends up being an hour long like the 1st one im not gonna buy it

sure its fun but if its super short its not worth the full 60 bucks

Ducky2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

The first one was just thrown in as a small extra in the orange box.
A small extra that proved to make a big impact.

Considering that the first game only had about two or three actual puzzle elements (whereas this game has a lot more) it should have some length.
Since Portal is a puzzle game, it's not the length that concerns me, it's the challenge. The first was a bit too easy (... but it had some challenging hair-pulling mods)

That, and the extra challenges can also eat up some time. =)

Edit: I meant things like turrets, cubes/blocks, energy-balls, etc.
Each level is a combination of puzzle elements... but those elements themselves remain the same.

2775d ago
Kran2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

They've already announced the game is more than 10 hours long. The co-op is also the same.

Plus not to mention the price has dropped incredibly since pre-orders began

At first in the UK, it was £40 for the console version and around £30 for the PC version.

Now its as low as £30 for console and as low as £22 for the PC version. That's how much Valve and sometimes retailers love us.

Mr Tretton2775d ago

They said Portal 2 was twice as long as the original, not 10 hours.

Though I'm sure playing the single player, then playing the co-op with give you 10 hours.

qface642775d ago

i fail to see how anyone can disagree with that if the game ended up being 1-2 hours people would still pay the full 60 dollar price tag? pfft what a joke

someone here said it will be 3x longer than the 1st but 1 hour x 3 is only 3 hours

i only payed 10 bucks for the 1st portal but at 10 bucks i ain't complaining

BlackKnight2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I think they are disagreeing that not only was the first game not that short (nor was it a $60 standalone game) but they are also disagreeing due to the fact it has already been confirmed that Portal 2 is a full fledged game with an appropriate length for 60 bucks.

qface642775d ago

how do you classify a full fledged game?

allot of games this generation have been so called full fledged but are only like 4 hours long

as for how long the 1st one was i beat mine in 79 minutes exactly but like i said at a price of 10 bucks i ain't complaining

if i payed 60 for portal 2 and it ended up being really short i would be annoyed myself like when i bought heavenly sword full price and i beat it literally 3 hours and 30 minutes later i was mad

RockmanII72774d ago

It's made by Valve, that's reason enough to know it's gonna be good

SwilloTGL2775d ago

Im sure both campaigns will be a good length. Valve have said that the Portal 2 single player campaign will be 3 times longer that the P1 campaign

theonlylolking2775d ago

PORTAL 2 will be the best game they will make until portal 3

Ducky2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I don't think Valve has ever made anything with the number '3' in it.

If they do break into the triples, it's gotta be with the Half-Life series.

Coffin872774d ago

Yep, lol, either HL3 or HL2-Ep.3.
They can't aviod the 3 much longer! =D

DERKADER2775d ago

The pre-load just went live on Steam, downloading now!

Lamarthedancer2775d ago

Can I play the co-op with an AI bot...

Does anyone know how it works if you want to play by your self. I know the whole point is team work but so was L4D and the other team mates were AI bots.

I'm not the type to play with other people I don't know. I don't mind online play but when you have to work together with puzzles you have to be more "chatty" to one another. I would play it with my friends like I always do but their getting the 360 version

Anyone ?

Ducky2775d ago

I think co-op is a bit more involved than L4D where AI was just extra firepower... and an AI would kinda kill the experience.

Being chatty isn't necessary as there's in-game 'commands' to quickly tell the other person. IGN's video preview has some info on that I believe.

Magnus2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Left 4 Dead was co-op with 3 other AI for campaign and online until somebody else joined the game then you would be down to 2 AI's. Just hope the AI is smarter in Portal 2 than in Left 4 Dead

Pandamobile2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

There is no AI in Portal 2, at least not that I know of.

peowpeow2774d ago

It would be difficult to create AI for the co-op mode.

I think it'd either be way too easy or annoying

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