NowGamer - Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Preview

NowGamer - Take Dead Rising 2. Take out Chuck Greene. Put in Frank West. And hey! You have Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, a full game that will take everything you know about Dead Rising 2 and twist it through the lens of Capcom’s war photographer. Cue obligatory ‘he’s covered wars, you know’ reference.

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Krakn3Dfx2804d ago

If this is a $29.99 game, I'm in, if they try to charge anything more, I'll wait til it drops in price.

MasterD9192804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

This is extremely depressing as I just bought Dead Rising 2...I'd much rather be Frank than it just sounds like they are improving the game entirely which sucks since I have a lesser version now.

What was the point of adding Chuck Greene as a character at all into the series if they are just going back to Frank? Its like Dead Rising 2 was a test. A test that failed since most fans wanted Frank.

I really don't like it when games change characters unnecessarily and now they are going back in the same game?! This oughtta be DLC...or at least cheap DLC.

New character, new enemies, better load times, improvements and more areas...So yeah...this is clearly the better version.

I'll have to sell mine used and apply that towards a 60 dollar price tag for the new one? No...sorry...

Why not just work on Dead Rising 3 with Frank as the character...I'd love to buy this new version but I'm stuck with my current one so....Thanks Capcom =/

MasterD9192804d ago

Amazon also has it listed as $49.99


No thanks Activision....I mean Capcom.

Rocket Sauce2803d ago

Checkpoints? In Dead Rising? Fuck that!