Silent Hill: Downpour Preview - The Worst Town Ever Gets Wet

n a moment that was too good to pass up for an opening line, it was cloudy, rainy day when Konami arrived in Toronto to show off Silent Hill: Downpour. Somewhere else in the city, the new movie was also in the middle of production, so it seemed appropriate that the city that acted as site for the most famous town in video games would also show off the first area being played through its entirety.

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psyckmark2777d ago

It uses Unreal engine :(

Acquiescence2777d ago

The game already looks incredible judging by the early screenshots. And these previews keep saying that the game is graphically stunning.

Let's not forget Alice Madness Returns either, which uses Unreal and looks like one of the best looking games this year.

NavySeal742777d ago

Im looking forward to this its looking good, Hope they can get the atmosphere right like in silent hill 2.