Yet another pronouncement from Quantic Dream's David Cage

Bitmob - Heavy Rain is a great experience. Its thick canvas, informed by film noir, oozes atmosphere and elicits genuine emotion. Like few titles before it, Heavy Rain drives home the finality of choice and consequence: It has no “game over” screen, and all four main characters can die. Instead of goading you toward a predetermined finish, its elastic narrative stretches to accommodate your decisions. But I’d stop short of calling it revolutionary. In fact, I reject the notion that great games must necessarily “change the world,” to borrow a worn cliché.

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OneSneakyMofo2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

New Quantic Dream game at E3? Hope so.

mushroomwig2439d ago

Heavy Rain is one of my favourite games from this generation, it's far from perfect though. Questionable plot twists and awkward controls.

ANIALATOR1362439d ago

I didn't think the controls were awkward. i could easily get used to them but I guess I know the dualshock controller like the back of my hand. The only thing I didn't like about Heavy Rain was the fact they used the same blokes face for every male NPC you could see in the background. It was really noticeable during the large crowd scenes to me.

malamdra2439d ago

the awkward controls is undeniable but it should be noted that those controls are only used for walking around and NEVER on any scene where you're actually in danger or need to do something difficult, those always use QTE

SPOILER: I was actually surprised that most of the twists make some kinda of sense, the only one that was really bad was that the mobster that the detective was "investigating" was actually the owner of the construction site where it all begun (two completely unralated plot lines), and worse that he actually showed up in the cementery at the same time the detective and the prostitute were there

other than that it was pretty solid

TheLastGuardian20102439d ago

I don't agree. While there's a space for games with mature and deep plot lines, I think there should also be a space where games can just be fun, and mindless (like sonic, or bulletstorm, or duke nukem).

Why can't we have both? Isn't that what makes gaming so great?

Nac2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I see the industry splitting itself. On one hand, you have the casual "game", meant to be picked up and put down, not too deep and the goal is to have fun. On the other, I see the rise of things, that are for less of a better word, "interactives", more of an experience in the way a movie would provide, linear but still enjoyable, where narrative and story are the focus, not really gameplay. With all due respect to Mr. Cage, Uncharted 2 is the closest thing Ive seen to an Interactive.

soundslike2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I hope developers do not listen to David Cage unless they are making cheaper games (~$30 or less) for Steam/PSN/XBL

I will slap anybody who says $60 "cinematic experiences" are "pushing the industry forward"

unless by "pushing the industry forward" you mean towards collapse.

maddfoxx2439d ago

Agreed. Heavy Rain wasn't the experience that I expected. It was pretty much Indigo Prophecy with a better story.

soundslike2439d ago

...and how many people paid 60 bucks for indigo prophecy?

I think if david cage makes more games, he should go episodic like Sam&Max/BackToTheFuture or go balls out with a variety of gameplay like LA Noire

maddfoxx2439d ago

I was just saying that Indigo Prophecy was a breath of fresh air when it was released. Heavy Rain is a good game, but it was just the same formula with no dramatic differences.

Unknown_SNAKE2439d ago

i enjoyed Heavy rain alot, achieved all the ending and played it as a movie director :D actually i recorded a whole game as a movie with the best choices that makes it enjoyable
and i have a lot of non gamers friends that turned to be fans just for this masterpiece

i am also enjoyed indego alot so go on Cage give me another lovely piece of art :)

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