Do You Own Your Console?

The question sounds simple enough so let’s take a stab at this one and see if it’s really as cut and dry as it seems. Ok, so you go to the store, you lay down your hard earned cash, take home the system of your choice (and a few games no doubt) and hook it up in your private residence.

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ComboBreaker2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Do you own Sony's firmware for that console? No.

Do you own the inFamouse game your just bought? Yes.
Do you own the inFamouse franchise just because you bought an inFamouse game? No.

Can you modify your console firmware in the privacy of your home? Yes.
Can you modify your console firmware and then distrubite that modification all over the internet as if you own it? No.

Can you modify inFamous in the privacy of your own home? Yes.
Can you modify inFamous, and then release a new inFamous game as if you own it? No.

Can you add a new ending to a Stephen King book you bought, in the privacy of your own home? Yes.
Can you add a new ending to a Stephen King book and then release your version, as if you own the story? No.

Do you own the book? Yes.
Do you own the story? No. The story belong to Stephen King.

If you want to own the story, you don't buy a book. You buy the story (price at over million of dollars) from Stephen King.
If you want to own the firmware, you don't buy a PS3, you buy the firmware through a deal, directly from Sony.

Kran2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Ummmm I think... I agree with you. A couple of things in that I weren't clear on.

Im gonna guess you're against all the hackers?


Christopher2801d ago

I don't think most are against hackers in general, just against hackers who believe that they can freely distribute what they edit without regard to the rights of those who own the IP.

MasFlowKiller2801d ago

ComboBreaker your logic is so perfect

lets see how many people are not able to see thing your way.

Quagmire2801d ago

Bu bu bu

I want to have my PS3 and eat it too!

Oner2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Agree MasFlowKiller ~ Well Said ComboBreaker. Very Well Said.

Jac5al2801d ago

Hardware: Yes
Software: No

BrianG2801d ago

In some sense not even hardware, but I can see how your thinking here.

You own the physical device, but Sony still owns the Intellectual Property behind the Cell BE, PS3 components, etc....

Thats what these copyright laws try to protect in the end, the IP. ComboBreaker seemed to put this point across quite clearly. Kudos to him.

Grimhammer002801d ago

It's funny because many "hackers" and followers; even the kiddy anon group think the world is black & white. That it somehow runs on absolutes. No. It's a world full of grey.
Freedom if speech or hacking the software of a console you own is all fine as long as it doesn't effect others. I'm pretty sure the law is clear enough, but beyond that is common sense and morality or values we should all understand as right.

Going online with your hacked console to circumvent paying for online (xbox) or to abuse play with hacks is simply not right. Why is this so hard to figure out? Forget the obvious copying games to play for free, obviously illegal.

Anonymous.....if your such warriors of truth and freedom, theirs a whole f_cking country in China that is being oppressed. And their are many more regimes world wide with oppression. Use these lame ddos skills where they might actually mean something.

ThatEnglishDude2801d ago

Aw jeez, I thought this topic had died already...

Grimhammer002801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Ummm....what happened to my comment? Lol
Anon got me! Never mind....its there. Lol

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