BloodRayne 3DS on hold, we’re told: another 3DS cancellation?

Is the recent delay of BloodRayne 3DS going to end up as a 3DS cancellation?

"The game’s on hold. We don’t think that means ‘cancelled’, as such, but it joins a growing list of titles that Nintendo announced at 2010′s E3 that have since vanished into the proverbial ether. We’ve noted DJ Hero 2, Saints Row: Drive By, Chocobo Racing 3D and Metal Gear Solid 3"

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EYEamNUMBER12777d ago

i didn't even know they were making a blood rayne game for the 3DS i thought this series died

also neither chocobo racing, saints row or MGS3 have been canceled or even implied they are canceled unless i missed something overnight?

sinncross2777d ago

When I acess the site the heading doe snot mention cancellation.

The article is making reference how some of these games seem to have lacked any media sincetheir unveiling almost a year ago.

I assume they'll be back at E3 this year.

nikola9872776d ago

This guy is a moron.. MGS3 for 3DS wasn't even a game,but demo.. only after e3 they announced that it's going to be full game..