Dragon's Dogma: Why Aren't You Talking About This Game?!

Do you like Monster Hunter? Do you like Demon’s Souls? Ever wonder what would happen if they both went to a party, had a few too many drinks, and had a wondrously passionate night of fictional drunken sex? And then afterwards, Monster Hunter got pregnant and pressured Demon’s Souls to take responsibility for the child? And, after a begrudging shotgun ceremony courtesy of Capcom, a game-child was born a bloody screaming painful birth, wrenched from the loins of Monster Hunter?

Ever wonder if this analogy had gone on long enough?

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LiquidSnack2775d ago

After everything that Capcom has done the last few years, I shouldn't be okay with this...

...but I am

FACTUAL evidence2775d ago

Dam looks incredible! I'll get it lol.

jc485732775d ago

yea, but I was hoping to see a Breath of Fire game, but this is different. At least they didn't show DmC to piss fans off.

ComboBreaker2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

But I have a feeling the storyline will suck.

Not only that, the main character is too generic and indistinguishable from other characters of this genre.

They need to make the main character very distinguishable. Take for example the main character of the new Castlevania, or Dante from Devil May Cry. Those are very distinct and memorable character that you can remember, long after you finished the game.

I feel that once you finish this game, you will not even remember the main character, or his name.

davidmccue2774d ago

Capcom should port Monster Hunter for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, what an awesome game that would make. Why they only release it on the Wii and PSP is a mystery to me.

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VampiricDragon_2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

why arent you talking about this game?

because its not monster hunter, its not demon souls. Its not even an rpg

The art style and graphics look generic, the gameplay looks clunky and meh

thats why too me at least

Neckbear2775d ago

So, "it's not a sequel, thus I won't pay attention to it"?

Come on.

It looks rather grandiose, truth be told. Generic, yes, but since when cliche is bad per se?

Also, way to make baseless assumptions on gameplay, kid. "Clunky"? If you haven't even played it!

bronxsta2775d ago

Yeah I think it loooks awesome.

I always hate when peoplse just say "Oh, that game is generic. Not interested." Not every game has to be innovative or reinvent the wheel. It doesn't even need a good story.

If it's fun (and that's all that matters) then I'd play it and be interested.

Gotta say this game looks really really fun. And it's an open world, always a plus for me...

_Empath_2775d ago

Why Aren't You Talking About This Game?!

Me: walks away.

Torkith2775d ago

Because it didn't turn out to be Breath of Fire VI :(

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