Portal 2 photo hack for Facebook – FREE Download

Conflicting Gamers, "We just uploaded a new Facebook photo hack for all you Portal fans that are itching for anything Portal. It’s just a simple little photo hack that turns the photo album thumbnails into a full size picture".

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jriquelme_paraguay2776d ago

yeah... but io dont know why call it Hack LOL

Did GeoHotz make it?

DangerTick2776d ago

No, he stole it from someone else & took credit for it.

Ducky2776d ago

I urge everyone to raise their voices and stand against this.
Hacking should not be tolerated, whether it's on a phone, console, PC or, in this sad case, an innocent photograph.

cgmike2776d ago

They'll probably just settle and run off to South America with all their supporters money...

RockmanII72776d ago

I don't use facebook often, but this looks like more of an exploit than a hack. Also before I uploaded it to facebook I took out the Conflict Gamers logo in the bottom right and put in the Portal logo. You can no haz free advertisement.

cgmike2776d ago

Ooooo, easy there "GeoNot", somehow I doubt the creator of the pic cares...
And SAYING you did that IS free advertisement. Fail.

RockmanII72776d ago

The article is from conflict gamer, so unless you didn't click the link then it's not relevant.

SeNiLesBack2776d ago

@Rockman But you DID click the link to get the image. Thereby giving "Conflicting Gamers" traffic. Which is probably worth MORE to them than a watermark in terms of selling advertising. Way to accomplish nothing...

Waddy1012776d ago

Why do these come up all the time with 'HACK' on them. It's not a Hack at all just a clever use of the albums feature

Ducky2776d ago

I had assumed they meant hack as in the photo is hacked into pieces.