Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition Packshot unveiled

In addition with the offcicial announcement of Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition, Capcom unveiled the official Packshot of the Game.

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Thesonygeniuses2801d ago

dope! Stoked to get this dlc...after 6 months! haha still excited though!

TheCagyDies2801d ago

Hey, wait a second. I do not have Super Street Fighter IV, uh oh, time to buy this.

Quagmire2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Next time on Capcom Ball Z

The Super Saiyan Super Street Fighter IV HD Turbo Remix Hyper Arcade Edition!

WhiteNoise2800d ago

Can someone please tell me what this game offers that SFIV does not.

If the answer is "it has 5 more characters and some new levels" then we'll just file it under "re-skin" and move on.

Seriously, what makes this game worth an additional $50 over SFIV which I already own?

Michael-Jackson2800d ago

It only matters for competitive play because of the the nerfs and stuff.

Swiftfox2800d ago

I don't recall if a price point has actually been announced for this title. When one is announced I imagine it will be around $20-$25. This is strictly DLC.

It's not simply the new characters people will be going for in this new DLC. Players will have access to the most recent balance tweaks released in the Arcade Edition.

Character balances have shifted, moves have changed and players want to keep their skills sharp on the most up-to-date versions.

If you don't care about that aspect of the game (which is odd as those things matter in a competitive game like Street Fighter) then yes this simply offers 4 new characters and additional features to SSF4.

If you are still playing Vanilla and only Vanilla, then I have to ask if you are having issues finding matches given most of the players have moved to Super and soon onto Arcade Edition.

Optical_Matrix2800d ago

It won't be $50...

It will contain new online modes, centered around the replay aspect of the game, a wave of new balances and tweaks for all 35 characters including 4 brand new characters who will come with their own trophies/achievements, challenge modes and Arcade Mode beginnings and endings.

You don't have to get the disk version, just get the DLC. Heck you don't even need to get the DLC. If you download the free patch Capcom is releasing for Super Street Fighter players, you can at least play against the 4 new characters people will be using in AE.

Either way, this is now directed at the people complaining. All the stuff I mentioned isn't free to make. Obviously costs Capcom a fair bit to render new character models, add features, get the voice actors back're all idiots if you think, thought this would be free.

Can't wait. Will get the DLC for PS3 so I can play straight away on my main console and then the disc release for Xbox 360.

Ace_19752800d ago

It's called dlc , google it

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