New Console Based Civilization Game Hinted At in Fireaxis Games Job Listing

Since 1996, developer Fireaxis Games have produced numerous award winning titles from the great mind of Sid Meier, notably the Civilization franchise. Civilization, has always had a home on the PC, but back in 2008 the franchise made a terrific debut on current generation consoles with Civilization Revolution. Since then, the series has returned to the PC, but with Fireaxis now hiring for console talent, could we once again see Civilization come to consoles?

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Ducky1999d ago


Hope it's true.
More people get a chance to play a game that I love... what's not to like there?

Theo11301999d ago

why suck it, I love Civ V, and I hope other people get to play it. If it wasn't for what they learned from Civ Rev on consoles, they wouldn't have learned what they learn for Civ V. And it's not like they're compromising the pc version for the console tards...

Perjoss1999d ago

really? if you compare Civ4 to its console version Civ Revolution its so dumbed down that I'm not sure what you mean by suck it.

MostJadedGamer1999d ago

By suck it PC gamers he means Civ Rev cut a lot of the boring, and tedious parts out of Civ 4.

Civ 4 was a complete mess. It was like a steak with 95% fat on it.

Ducky1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

^ is that... sarcasm?

Civ4 is arguably the best in the series.
Especially with BTS.

Edit: Seeing as you've just copy/pasted that same comment, I suppose you're just another troll.

Bigpappy1999d ago

Revolution was actually a lot of fun on console. The PC version did have more options, but I did not miss them while playing on 360. I actually would never have played the PC version if I had not played it on 360. And, I only played it on 360 because it was downloadable.

Great game! I spent many nights playing online with my brothers. Was dissapointed when the developer refused to consider the console port for Civil V. But, in the end, there is just too much loot sitting on the table, to just ignore.

RankFTW1999d ago

Screw this and just give us a new Alpha Centuri, the greatest civ game of all time.

DanSolo1999d ago

Sev..... you're an idiot mate.... grow up eh?

BeastlyRig1997d ago

um you have to use a controller you do know that?

lmao! 2x

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Lou-Cipher1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I really liked Civilization Revolution, and would pick up another version on console day one.

I have played Civilization 5 to death, and Im ready for another Revolution. (Maybe with K&M Support, and maybe even Move Support on PS3)

BigWoopMagazine1999d ago

I'm normally a strategy games type of guy, but man I just could never get into these. I tried the demo for the last one on PS3, and it was just... bleh.

doctorstrange1999d ago

Is way better than Civ Rev, they dumbed it down too much for my liking.

BigWoopMagazine1999d ago

That might explain it. I also hated the stupid character voices - I remember that quite vividly.

MostJadedGamer1999d ago

No they cut most of the boring, tedious parts out of the PC civs.

More is not always better. They have put so much junk, and useless garbage in the PC Civs that it is like a steak with 95% fat.

Lou-Cipher1999d ago

It was dumbed down alot, but it was still a great knock off of the PC Civ's

decimalator1999d ago

I love Civ games, though I miss the old school ones.

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