Classic Sonic Confirmed Via Official Poll

Last week we saw Sega release a new trailer for their up and coming mystery Sonic release. The trailer saw people split over whether the second character was Classic or Kid Sonic. The majority will be pleased to find they were right following the release of a new poll today.

The polls sway towards a certain version really does show what fans want to see.

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TheSoundDefense2807d ago

Classic Sonic looks pretty good in 3D, gotta say.

DavidBaller2807d ago

THANK GOD! Now everyone can stop saying it's his kid...

Torkith2807d ago

People were actually saying that?! That has got to be kids and teens who never played Sonic in the early 90's... he looks identical. Wow.

TomInc2807d ago

Yeah.. there were a fair few floating about. Kid version of Sonic, Kid of Sonic. I think they've worked well bringing classic sonic into 3D!

swishersweets200312807d ago

whats the difference.. to me one has green eyes one has black.. same sonic

fatstarr2807d ago

hopefully take the 3D side scrolling parts of sonic unleashed and the other sonic game and put it with this 1 and re release sonic the hedgehog 2 in 3D. cause thats what the stage in the video looks like.

hazelamy2807d ago

the design of sonic isn't that big of an issue for me, they don't look much different to me, th classic one looks younger but that's about it, i wouldn't say either is better.

the real problem wasn't with sonic, it was the games, put classic sonic in the recent sonic games and they'd still be shit, put new sonic in the old games and they'd still be great games.

if sega think all they need to do to fix the sonic games is to go back to the old character design they're in for a shock.