Jade Empire 2 was on PS3, and True Crime 4 also cancelled?

SystemLink: "CV repository Linkedin has thrown up some intriguing information regarding the potential platforms that the much desired Jade Empire 2 may appear on, as well erstwhile developer Luxoflux's plans for the True Crime series."

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Antholex2778d ago

Hopefully BioWare will still one day release Jade Empire on PS3, love to see the franchise there!

PhilipLarkin2778d ago

Same. Would love to see a sequel at some point.

GodofwarGoty2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I heard jade empire the first one was one of the best RPG on the xbox back then it got 99.9 on ign and they even called even said Clear the way for the greatest RPG on Xbox.
i hope they will release it the second one on the PS3

BeckyLikesChocolate2778d ago

even i played it and beat it. i dont even like rpgs all that much. jade empire and ff7 are the only rpgs ive played long enough to beat

_Empath_2778d ago

I want Jade Empire. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are lame to me.

cochise3132778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Jade Empire was one of the most underrated games on the original Xbox. I loved that game. That was one of bioware's finest games. That's my favorite bioware game after ME series.


It was a great game that deserved more recognition than it recieved.

BlackTar1872778d ago

it definatley was a great game.

badboy8082778d ago

would sell way better on the PS3

Raven_Nomad2778d ago

Ya like Dragon age and Mass effect right? lol

undercovrr2778d ago

Dragon age sold marginally less on Ps3, mostly because people thought it would be like the first one - lower quality than the 360 counterpart. Mass effect sold less because it was out for a whole year on 360 and PC, so most people who wanted to play it got to play it.

Actually, most of the time, shooters only sell more on 360 because the majority of the 360 install base are teenagers who mainly follow the mainstream.

Raven_Nomad2778d ago

Shooter huh? So no other types of games sell better on 360? Like Assassins Creed, GTA, Red Dead,Madden football, Dead Rising 2, Oblivion and the list goes on and on.

So it's clear it isn't just shooters on the 360, also if by "Marginally" you mean hundreds of thousands of copies then I agree, but Mass Effect 2 sold and will continue to sell better on the 360.

Simple reason is, if you haven't played the first one, the second one wouldn't interest you and if you cant import your game, why bother with the series?

I started My Mass Effect journey in 2007 and I'll be importing that same character with all my choices, some major and some minor into ME3.

IMHO, Bioware type of games are meant for the 360. They were all on the original Xbox and seem to flow better to that crowd.

JRPG's seem to appeal more to the PS3 crowd. I hope it stays that way.

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digger182778d ago


News flash: No they don't, only a few games like COD do, the rest don't.

So get your facts right please

Nac2778d ago

What!?!? Its western made with mythical setting inspired by ancient China. It's not turn-based and not "anime" looking. Lets face it, JRPGss don't sell well on western consoles, and WRPGs don't sell well on Eastern consoles.

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