Halo Composer: Walking Away from Master Chief Is a 'Relief'

Halo is now in the new phase of its life with 343 at Microsoft; Bungie has moved on to whatever its new IP is for Activision. One of the most unique things about Halo when it was first unveiled was the music - the monks chanting just instantly grabbed you and gave the game an epic feel. IndustryGamers spoke with Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell about crafting the music for all things Halo and how he's relieved to be moving on now.

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donniebaseball2807d ago

Very interesting comments. Can't wait to see/hear what Bungie comes up with next!

taylork372807d ago

The title quote is kinda taken out of context.

He's relieved because he now can start new on something different. The title makes it sound like he is glad that he doesn't have to make any more Halo games.

donniebaseball2807d ago

Umm, actually he is glad he doesn't have to work on anymore Halo. All of Bungie is. That's why they took back their independence from MS. They didn't want to be stuck on doing Halo constantly.

taylork372807d ago

Yea, they are absolutely relieved they don't have to work on one of the most popular games ever anymore. The same game that made them millions while giving meaning to the word Bungie.

Sometimes its just time to move on, that doesn't mean they resent the thing they are moving on from.

Troll harder.

SixZeroFour2807d ago

wasnt there an article that marty o'donnell was interested in doing the music for a halo movie?


so clearly he still loves the halo franchise, this title however makes you assume otherwise

Convas2807d ago

I can feel what he's saying. After a while, you need to move on to greener pastures and try something new! That being said, Halo wouldn't be half of what is it today without this man, Marty O'Donnell.

That being said, I can't wait to see who steps up to the plate for the new Halo music. They've already made some incredible music for Halo: Legends.

FailOverHero2807d ago

"It's kind of a relief because from a creative standpoint it's great to just have an absolutely blank sheet of paper, but then on the other hand blank sheets of paper are scary to creative people. I'm not saying I have writer's block, but we'll see..."
Does not sound like greener pastures talk to me, more like having a blank canvas to start afresh on, less pressure to be honest.
That being said, Marty's contribution to Halo is without doubt unforgettable but to say Halo wouldn't be HALF what it is without it is both an exaggeration and an insult to the many many other people at bungie who played important roles and who collectively made Halo what it is.
Remember, gameplay 1st, sound, graphics, story and whatever else come next.

Downtown boogey2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

You're right(though maybe exaggerating a bit): I think the music in Halo 1-3 was phenomenal and a really integral part of the experience, especially in the Warthog sequences at the end of 1 and 3.
That said, I don't think he'll be able to match the main theme maybe like ever. It's better than almost any other melody on film, even, and I believe it'll remain as his masterpiece.

dgonza402806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

You used "that being said" twice, it threw me off lol

On Topic: i agree, a lot of the music i hear from Halo sounds great.

NoobJobz2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

The opening music for Halo CE is probably the best music in a game I have ever heard. Actually the whole game. The music is all great. The other Halo games were alright but Halo CE knocked it out of the park, music wise.

Blaze9292807d ago

Halo 3's score was great! One of if not the best out of them all.

NoobJobz2807d ago

You're right. They are good. I still think Halo CE was better but there is no denying that the others have had their share of good music as well. That is one thing the Halo series has. Great music. Im not a huge Halo fan and I dont really care for the gameplay but the music is so awesome.

candystop2807d ago

Yeah that's what kind of ticked me off with Reach. It was missing that Signature Halo music that brought CE to life.

Downtown boogey2807d ago

In a way, it was appropriate, though:
The game as a whole didn't feel like Halo anyway.
And both of those things were negative factors for me, unfortunately :/

_Empath_2807d ago

Halo Composer: I'M FINALLY FREE (Kisses the ground outside Microsoft headquarters)

Paradicia2807d ago

Halo and Microsoft made Bungie what they are now. Marty knows how important his involvement in the series has impacted on his career. Nothing can change that. MS and Bungie even with the split, they are an still will be great partners.

Xander7562807d ago

I've never been a fan of the Halo games, but the music was always good. Marty is very skilled at what he does.

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