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Guide to add another USB port to PS3

Gamersmint: It's not illegal, but it will void your warranty. PS3 slim's motherboard has the capacity for one more USB port but Sony decided to go with two like the 80GB Downgraded phat PS3′s. (PS3, Sony)

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Karooo  +   1267d ago
This is good if you want another USB port and dont wanna buy a usb hub
just_looken  +   1267d ago
just a fyi the ps3 slim power output to the usb is already pathetic adding another will make it worse. just plug a flash drive in as your controller is charging your flash drive will not have enough power to operate normally.
pangitkqb  +   1267d ago
I have the original 60 Gig, upgraded with a 320 gig HDD.

It has four USB slots as well as full PS2 backward compatability. I love it.
Fishy Fingers  +   1267d ago
Love a rear port, why it doesnt have one is beyond me.
FailOverHero   1267d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Thepro318  +   1267d ago
E3 05 PS3 had 4 USB ports in the front 2 in the back .
Zeevious  +   1267d ago
I'd also like a rear USB port or two. This idea comes from Sony, since their prototype showed more ports, including two HDMI & multiple Network ports - Sony never explained why 2 HDMI & multiple Ethernet ports were needed. The rear USB ports never showed up in the first or any other PS3 version.

Some things just make more sense plugged into the back, like the Move's PSEye or an external drive.

It's just a cleaner look than having cables wrapped from the front to the back. You can always buy a unique or practical USB hub to add ports.
(The Doctor Who USB Tardis with lights and sound get's my vote)

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Hellsvacancy  +   1267d ago
Cool video, wouldnt do i myself, im good with a soldering iron and am more than conident enough to open me PS3 and do the work, its just i hav no need for an extra port

The two ports i get with my slim is enough for what i need, one port would be enough, i hate havin wires stickin out lookin untidy, i mostly charge my DS3 through my laptop so other than me 16gb pen drive so i dont have much need for another port
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Zeevious  +   1267d ago
This seems to work well for you, but many people have more involved setups.

One of my PS3's for instance is setup as a gaming & media monster with everything from Move to GT5 Driving Wheel, dedicated arcade stick, wireless backlit keyboard/touchpad and four DS3 controllers, 1 terabyte of local storage -- plus is connected to 10 terabytes of distributed storage that all my media is converted and fed to, for access and streaming anywhere, anytime. (yes...10)

This is a little beyond most people's needs, but I have live access to everything, anytime, anywhere.

I wouldn't mind a PS3 with an extra rear USB port or two. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would find a few extra things to plug in.
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psb  +   1267d ago
I don't think
this is a good idea, especially if your console's under warranty.
coryok  +   1267d ago
probably not a fantastic idea to do this as the slim was made with 2 usbs for a reason. it doesnt cost much (probably a few cents) to add the extra usb, it was probably done because of power constraints
theonlylolking  +   1267d ago
I use a rock band 1 usb 2.0 4-port HUB.

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RevXM  +   1267d ago
I use one USB for my Keyboard and Mouse.
One for my Headset.
I charge the ds3 via my laptop... sometimes I need one more for for USB storage devices... but I just unplug something not too much of a big deal. But A USB HUB would do the trick. no need to void the warranty.
And 2 USB slots is not enough IMO But I can live with it, all I need to do is to buy a hub.

RIP 60GB. :(
artsaber  +   1267d ago
Worst idea ever
Especially when USB hubs are so cheap.
SuperSaiyan4  +   1267d ago
*Munches popcorn*
Since the Sony fans seem to think this is ok what do you guys think of Microsoft then? I mean with the 360 S?

They added more USB ports, included touch sensitive buttons for the power and disc drive and included wireless N inside the console and all for a lower price too.

But im a little confused here, Sony have removed features and you lot are ok with this? I mean seriously? You lot are happy and content with the removal of features.

Now im just going out on a limb here but IF Microsoft did what Sony did you guys would be eating it up for breakfast and lunch and dinner on how Microsoft is pathetic bla bla bla.

Personally I think it was rather silly for Sony to remove the touch sensitive buttons and remove USB ports.
lodossrage  +   1267d ago
First off, nobody said anyone was "ok" with it.

But since we're bringing MS into the picture, sure the 360s adds those things. but it still lacks one feature that more than negates ANY of the cost of the additional features.Meaning it has no blu ray player. And it's easy to do things like lower the price for the 360 while adding those things when you're making your customers pay for online services

Now the only features sony took away were

1- a couple of USB ports
2- Other OS
3- Backard capability

Numbers 1 and 3 are negated because everyone and their mother whined "the ps3 cost too much" over and over again. So, what do you do when your system is packed with features yet is to expensive for the common man? Simple, you take away some features to bring the cost of the system down.

Number 2 is another matter. But then again, Had George Hotz not attempted jailbreak via Other OS to begin with it would probably still be there. And granted, why people would whine and moan about something they didn't even use is beyond me (and you damn well know a good 90% never touched other OS)

And the thing is, even with the additions you speak of, the ps3 still has that and more.

Again, am I "ok" with removing features? Hell no, but it's not as if there wasn't any reason behind it.
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SuperSaiyan4  +   1267d ago
And touch sensitive buttons dont forget those.
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1267d ago
@supersaiyan-thanks for posting this. now i cant wait to see u get ripped apart in here. You're the first person in here to bring up things that aren't related to the topic. All was relatively peaceful until u showed up spewing verbal diarehha.
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hazelamy  +   1267d ago
soldering? not a good idea for me, i'd probably melt something important and then i'd have two dead ps3s.
ct03  +   1267d ago
It's not illegal? I wouldn't be so sure. Publish pictures of your modification on the interent, and Sony will sue your a55 for tinkering with sacred hardware.
badz149  +   1266d ago
poor attemp at trolling?
the hardware is yours while the software still isn't! this is strictly hardware mods, thus 100% legal but void the warrant as everything else in the world when you open them!

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