Making Quantum Space Portals Without Killing Yourself Is Fun

DP: Aparature Science Labs is the Disney Land of a geek. Dave Johnson has portal investors like myself pulling their hair out in this final week leading up to launch.


Typos made on the source have been corrected. Only humans make mistakes as such.

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Jestrella242801d ago

game keeps looking better and better

ct032801d ago

See those numbers flashing by in the top right hand corner between timecodes 0:16 and 0:24? They decode into a few sentences.

If you're into ARGs and for some reason have missed this one, you may want to do some research. It's still going on, and it is absolutely massive.

Lainzi2801d ago

"Aparature Science", sick.

GuyManDude2801d ago

Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson, not Dave Johnson.

Some people's kids.

Regardless, these vids are making me so pumped for Portal 2. They damn well better end up either on the game disc or in the Playstation Store. I need em' on my 46" in glorious 1080p.

BlackKnight2801d ago

You could just run them on the PS3's browser or connect the PC to the TV? I just watched this on my 46inch, lol.

GamerSciz2801d ago

These "boots" aren't new.

Check out at :10 seconds. Still a humorous video.

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