Blockbuster Games, New Consoles, An Industry in Depression

VGW's Jen Bosier: Ignoring that Jack Tretton is boasting that it took the PS3 four whole years to “hit its stride,” the comment is interesting coming from a platform which has consistently ranked last in sales figures. Released with a larger than life price tag in 2006, the console has even failed to outsell its younger brother, the PS2, at the same point in its career. And what are the PS3′s big titles this year? “Resistance 3,” “Uncharted 3,” “Killzone 3,” and let’s not forget “Yakuza 4.” With such an advanced console just now “hitting its stride,” you’d think there would be a few more original IPs in that list.

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Optical_Matrix2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

OK I edited this shit as it was a bit of a rant. But still, although there is a lot of sequels this year, there are more IP's coming next year. There's always going to be that year where theres loads of sequels, leaving room for better IP's next year.

BiggCMan2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Did you read the article? Damn, it sounds like you are commenting on just the description. People, read the entire article before you go crazy and think he is attacking the PS3. He is merely saying that there is not enough original games nowadays, especially this year, and that we need more of them instead of sequel after sequel. Developers need to take chances, and they may be surprised. I'm not saying sequels are bad, obviously I want to see more of my favorites, but I would like to have new ideas as well.

BShea2779d ago

AMEN! I wonder when the exact date was that people started being "too busy" to read beyond headlines. I have a feeling it was right around the time Twitter gained popularity.

Unicron2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Developers will not take chances when gamers won't take chances on buying new IPs. Wallets have spoken. They want more sequels, more CoD, more Halo, more Resistance, etc. People need to put their money where their mouths are, go out and support developers who take chances on new IPs.

Until gamers are willing to take a chance, devs won't be, as it's devs who will be taking the $ hit.

InLaLaLand2779d ago

I agree with Unicron. People will just buy established franchises unless the games are hyped (for example Homefront and Rockstar games).

zag2779d ago

How can anyone expect tons of games when everyone keeps thinking every game costs a trillion dollars to make and needs about 250,000 people to make it.

No company is going to make a ton of games when everyone thinks like that and when a game isn't like that then it's crap.

The PS3 was completely piracy free, there might have been lower sale amounts but at least a dev could see what a game would sell for, for real.

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Titanz2779d ago

I believe it was a woman who wrote that article.

majiebeast2779d ago

you’d think there would be a few more original IPs in that list.

Thats all i needed to know to found it this is another lets bash sony for the hell of it. Last time i checked sony has introduced the highest rated and the most IP's this gen.

BShea2779d ago

Then you just made a fool of yourself if "that's all you needed to found it this is another lets bash sony for the hell of it" (your words). Read the article first.

killyourfm2779d ago

It also bashes Ubisoft and several other publishers. Did you even read the article?

kevnb2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Console gaming is dying, get ready to have alot less games to choose from. PC is starting to take focus, because thats where the profit margins are. Nothing new and interesting on console except sony first party stuff these days. Now dont get me wrong, big budget games that take little risk will have a place on console... but nothing like arma 2, stalker, dota 2, amnesia, guild wars 2 etc...

kevnb2778d ago

Diagree if you want, but you know its true and you keep complaining about all the sequels and copycat games.

DFresh2778d ago

PC started gaming and it'll die with that platform.
If anything I think Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will make services much similar to Steam and release it on PC/Mac to extend those audiences.
I hope it does goes in that direction that way I'm able to invest into my PC hardware and buying more games obviously.
Steam has been on the growth for years not just now but for a long time now.

firefoxprime2778d ago

Woah, slow down dude. Nintendo just learned how to use eshop with the 3DS. Hahaha....!

Steam? Give'em 7 years minimum lol jk

Christopher2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


1. Sequels can't be placed into a single answer of games that are playing it safe. Honestly, how many games do people look at each day and say "I can't wait for its sequel!" Portal 2 and inFamous 2 are two signs of games where people want sequels. Yet, we look at the propagation of games that people still enjoy and continue to see it as a sign of a stale business when the number of new and worthwhile IPs continues to grow each year.

The problem here is the myopic view of people to see what they are getting and not that the business is growing stale and only puts out the same games. Not to say this doesn't happen, but it's far from the trend that this articles continue to make it out to be.

2. Profits are declining, but video game sales are still extremely profitable. Games are costing more and more to make and market each year, yet sales tend to be comparable to their previous endeavors. And with more games getting this axe each year compared to making it to the end, there's a lot of spent money on games that never even make it to market this day and age. IMHO, that's a sign of the companies understanding when to cut their losses, but those losses still impact their profits.

3. Once again, people equate the total of sales to a place in the running of "Who's #1?" If you look at how comparable PS3 games sales each year, as well as console sales, worldwide are to the 360, you would be surprised to find that they are going toe to toe. Saying that one is in last place because it wasn't out at the same time as the other console is still a trite statement in this day and age. People need to get over trying to claim one winner over another. Oh, and No one has beat the PS2 yet, so why is it used in a derogatory manner only for the PS3 this gen?

4. Re: "Is he saying that designers are sitting around with dozens of brand new IPs and just refusing to release them because of the hardware they have right now?"

Not just because of hardware but also because of funding and design concepts. There are tons of new IPs explored each year, most of them don't make it past initial design phases, others past alpha stages. The fact that they don't make it tends to be because the concepts are either already present in existing games (do we need another generic FPS that does the same as a few others just with a different name slapped on it?) or their concepts are not solid enough to make a game that they feel will sell well.

5. Re: "With such an advanced console [PS3] just now “hitting its stride,” you’d think there would be a few more original IPs in that list."

Wait, is this the same site that said they were platform agnostic? Let me get this straight, the console with the most varied and number of first-party IPs, including new IPs this year alone (DC Universe Online, Sorcery, and The Last Guardian just off the top of my head for BD games) is being criticized for putting out a lot of sequels as well? How many new first-party IPs are Nintendo and Microsoft putting out this year in comparison?

ksoto2778d ago

lol at Pc gaming taking the lead again lol hahahahhahaha

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