First images from Power Up Heroes for Kinect

First images from Power Up Heroes for Kinect

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anthraxCZ2808d ago

i am actually interested in this

it has good styling , i hope also the gameplay will be fine and balanced

Misterhbk2807d ago

I'll admit this actually looks interesting, and I'm a pretty big Kinect critic. I've played it most of the "good" games for Kinect and had very little interest in all of them, but this seems to have potential.

Although i'm still skeptical. Hopefully its not just a bunch of mini-games.

Just_The_Truth2807d ago

i don't think i'll be as fun as they make it look has anyone else ever noticed that they never show the people and gameplay together in kinect commercials?

Dart892808d ago


PandemicPrawn02807d ago

HA! This looks awesome.

Who would have imagined saying that about xbox avatars?

kratos1232807d ago

this must be the hardcore titles M$ was talking about

FailOverHero2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

As long as its nothing like Playstation Move Heroes then I'm happy.
I wish this wasn't kinect only though, I love Avatar games and this one looks like some proper production value was added into it. That cast actually looks good. Looks exciting...or maybe I'm just desperate for an exclusive lol

TheEatingChampagne2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

LOL touche.. After the seeing the disgrace that Playstation Move Heroes and the device itself are I don't understand how these trolls keep on laughing at Kinect and its games...

ComboBreaker2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

When will we finally see something good for the Kinect? I am starting to think that $150 was a waste, for everyone.

Luckily, I didn't waste $150 on Kinect. Thank god.

DigitalRaptor2807d ago

Ok. Let's totally ignore Heavy Rain, SOCOM 4, MAG, Killzone 3 and several other solid games that can be played with the Move.

And you think the Move is a "disgrace" in terms of hardware? Wow! At least it doesn't limit the gameplay, like Kinect appears to do.

Just_The_Truth2807d ago

wow have you played PSmove heros or do you like to look at score then talk crap because although i think it could have been a lot better if it was a straight run trough story like ratchet it was still fun and if your younger it think you can really have a great time playing it and hey if i don't want to play that game with the move i can switch over to KZ3, RE5, dead space extraction, the shoot, time crisis etc.

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ksoto2807d ago

lol i bet it isssss lol hahahahahah smh. Thank god i have move and a ps3 lol

dirthurts2807d ago

I'm gonna need to see some gameplay. I like the art style though.

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