Uncharted 3: Eddy Raja returns in new renders

SystemLink: "It's been a busy few days for Uncharted 3; new info spilled onto the internet on Friday, and yesterday we revealed a brand new piece of concept art. Now, however, we think we've got the best news: Eddy Raja seems set to return in Uncharted 3."

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Cloudberry2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

He's alive!?


Just a multi-player skin...

PhilipLarkin2684d ago

The render looks totally different than his multiplayer skin, so this seems legit.

SnuggleBandit2684d ago

Did anyone else notice the bite scars on his neck? He must have lived somehow!

HebrewHammer2684d ago

"Tai Camu," as Raja himself would say! I knew ND would bring him back. A little lesson in gaming and film: If you don't actually SEE them die, then they didn't die. lol

norman292684d ago

.i dont remember who that is :| lol

inveni02684d ago

lol, that's true. Characters are like vampires or something. You've gotta drive a stake through their heart or decapitate them to do 'em for good.

crxss2684d ago

i dunno how i'd feel if ER was still alive, that doesn't seem likely, hopefully the Dogs pull a LOST and have a few flashback levels with Raja co-op!

miyamoto2683d ago

I hope so! more BUKA PINTU!

badz1492683d ago

I believe that was Drake saying it!

JoySticksFTW2683d ago

Eddy was great in UN1, and one of my favorite characters from the series.

That said, was anyone else like "WTF!?!?! Don't spoil it!!! Raaahhhh!!!!!"

Seriously, the title couldn't have been "Popular character from the first Uncharted makes a return"?

Then I could decide if I wanted to spoil for myself. But just now, I saw him and the title on the front page and came here to cry about it like a whiny-pants.

Ok, enough b!tching! I'm just glad he's back if true. He was funny and made things interesting.

norman292683d ago

Whoa whats with all my disagree's :O i own the game and have completed but genuinely cant remember who he is :s

RedDead2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Honesty completely forget who he is, I don't remember anything about him, what I do remember is you team up with an enemy to fight the monkey people. That's all I remember about him....gotta play U1 again now.

Norman....I guess, they DO remember him. Me and you have either shi* memories or didn't like the game enough to remember everything about it.

norman292683d ago

Lol probs a shit memory :P i love the game just aint played it in a while so forget a few things, i lost a bubble for forgetting who he was lol :(

HappyGaming2683d ago
Well we didn't actually see him die...

perhaps he even got some powers from the bite.

Who knows...
I want to find out what happened though thats for sure.

Also did Drake shoot him or the zombie?
Is he coming back for revenge or is he coming back to thank Drake for trying to save his life?

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LOGICWINS2684d ago

Well, they didn't show him ACTUALLY die in Uncharted anythings possible.

Blacktric2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Exactly. I hope he returns. I loved him in Uncharted and Eye Of Indra. I think I'm gonna start a new Uncharted playthrough today...

redDevil872684d ago

Well we never did see a body... (i think lol)

Sashamaz2684d ago

Without a body there is no crime.

Spenok2684d ago

My guess goes to MP skin.

SageHonor2684d ago

Yeah but if he did survive.. how the heck did he survive something like that lol

kaveti66162684d ago

doesn't matter. This is a good choice by Naughty Dog because good character development requires the recurrence of characters, and I always hate when a video game story will introduce a villain and make him or her seem like a cool, interesting character only to have the villain die easily at the end.

Kran2684d ago

Might have been water at the bottom of that pit, and it may have just been a bite, not a "take a huge chunk that'll make you bleed to death" or a "ill pass this virus onto you if you pass it on to someone else" bite.

Tr3y_4_Li432684d ago

Relax =) The screenshot from U2 mp mode, not U3.

meetajhu2684d ago

He's my favorite character in Uncharted

just_looken2684d ago

i guss no one can really mess with eddie Eddy Raja good to see him back got 2 dig his accent. also here is a vid showing what happened 2 him in uc1

Aither2684d ago

"Don't mess with Eddy Raja!!!"

Seriously this is the best news for the Uncharted series. Eddy was AWESOME!

frostypants2684d ago

I hope they bring him back. Definitely a fun character in the Uncharted universe. He plays a major role in the motion comic. Even if that comic is a prequel to Uncharted 1, I doubt they'd have made him so prominent if he wasn't eventually going to be brought back into the story.

Eddy's awesome. Sort of an anti-Drake.

homer2683d ago

I like Flynn as the anti Drake though. :(

frostypants2683d ago

Yeah, well, they didn't leave much doubt as to Flynn's fate. Don't think he'll be coming back, unless it's in a doggy bag. lol

Christopher2683d ago

Either multiplayer or a cutscene of Drake's past dealings with Raja and how they reflect the current storyline.

Quagmire2683d ago

A flashback BEFORE he got the marks? I dont think so, but hopefully he's int the story.

Inception2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

lol, as an indonesian it's funny to seen Edy Raja said that word "Tai Kamu" or in english means "F*U" :D

btw welcome back Eddy. we miss you :D

BubbleSniper2683d ago

i like how Eddy have no choice but to team up with Drake to fight off those ancient vamp tribe in UC1

showed multidimensional character

frostypants2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Yeah, Eddy's not evil. He's just a thief with a bad temper.

@Homer below:"I bet there is a mission that takes place before UC1 in UC3 that introduces how Eddie"

Download the "Eye of Indra" motion comic. It gives a bit of detail into their relationship prior to UC1. Not how they met, but it at least gives a better idea of how they get along. They are competitors, but not really enemies. "Frien-emies", if you will.

homer2683d ago

I bet there is a mission that takes place before UC1 in UC3 that introduces how Eddie, that chick from another trailer, and Nathan Drake know each other.

04soldier2683d ago

If we somehow make it through this... I STILL hate your guts."

showtimefolks2683d ago

maybe they can do some raja story based dlc

Kamikaze1352683d ago


I knew he had to be alive. We never really see him take his final breath and his "death" wasn't anything brutal...he just falls into the water.

hamburger1232683d ago

How did he died again I forgot :p

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Antholex2684d ago

I wonder if his tumble has changed him in anyway, and if it will come to play in Uncharted 3?

LarVanian2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Damn have I missed Eddy lol. I always hoped that he was still alive. I wonder what role he'll play in Drake's Deception. Perhaps he'll once again serve as a third faction competing with both Drake and Marlowe.

mushroomwig2684d ago

Don't mess with Eddy Raja!