Videogamer - SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals "Campaign" Review

Videogamer - There's a definite sense that Special Forces' campaign doesn't quite live up to the game's billing as a top-of-the-range PS3 exclusive. However, there's still the prospect of competitive multiplayer to consider - and given SOCOM's heritage, you could argue that this will be the more important half of the game. While we've spent a fair bit of time with the beta, we've not yet had a chance to assess how the final code fares. Under the circumstances it would be unfair to score the game as whole, so I'll be updating these impressions shortly after April 21.

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BK-2012804d ago

So this means that the all the reviews of the game have been based on the beta??? Now is anyone convinced of media bias?

BiggCMan2804d ago

It could be, but I just think that the bigger sites have been allowed access to play the final game online while smaller sites haven't yet. I may be wrong, i'm not sure.

TBM2804d ago

honestly i dont see why knowledgeable gamers who have been gaming for more than 20 yrs like i have would ever listen to the media.

i don't give two craps what they say about a particular game im interested in because i know whether ill like a game or not.

so as it stands im interested in Socom so i'll be picking it up when it releases.

James Vanderbeek2804d ago

so wait there is a demo of the single player on the beta?