VGW Review: NASCAR The Game 2011

VGW's Daniel Wise: When our editor approached me to pen this review for “NASCAR: The Game 2011″, I actually wanted to dive right in. Ever since I nestled my way into that little haven between Maryland and Virginia, I suddenly feel this strange feeling of Southern appeal. Perhaps there’s just a different feeling one gets when they travel below the Mason-Dixon line. Even as I sit here with my laptop, outside, and a steak on the grill; as pasta cooks inside and a that gentle southern air whisks across my face. I could almost see myself at nearby Martinsville, Richmond, Pocono or Dover. I could have almost envisioned myself last week as I watched the race at Martinsville on the tele that I could have been in those stands; holding my breath as Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a close win snuffed out by the masterful maneuvering and throttle of Kevin Harvick’s #29 Impala

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