EA's MMA To Get Triple XP Weekend

"EA have announced they are going to enable triple XP for their MMA title from the 15th until the 17th of April."

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Rainstorm812440d ago

Anyone still playing this game?

Quagmire2440d ago

Thats what I was thinking. Fight Night Champion is awesome though.

jut4202440d ago

I'm waiting for Supremacy MMA to come out. Didn't like UFC's control scheme, and MMA did a great job with controls, but it was too unpolished to be considered a great game. It was fun but should have been better. Hopefully Supremacy gets it right, it's looking like a lot of fun. I really hope they allow you to create a fighter

g-nome2440d ago

I could not even get online with it.

DirtyLary2440d ago

So... I doubt well see a squeal now that Zuffa has acquired everyone and everything in this game other than the EA logos.