Gamespot: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record First Look Preview

More than a simple director's cut, Off the Record sees the return of Frank West as the main hero of the series.

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mushroomwig2804d ago

I'm so happy it's not just more DLC content, I can't wait to pick this up.

SnakeMustDie2804d ago

So is it a spin-off or does it takes place during the same time as Dead Rising 2 but on Frank West's perspective similar to Crysis Warhead?

DarkBlood2804d ago

im not sure either but from what i understand it is not a simple pallete swap

*as obviously already been said in the article lol*

is that theres going to be changes in the locations and bassically different type of stuff and the begining is different as well for frank at least

it seems to be an alternate reality thing but im not sure but i can tell you this isnt your rerelease dead rising 2 game from the sounds of it

hope this clears any part your confused about