Rift Dev 'Enjoying The Hell Out Of' MMO Success

It’s hard to launch an MMO these days, with veteran companies like Cryptic, Turbine, Funcom, and Mythic having difficulty in the market. Trion recently released their first MMO, Rift, and the game has seen great success so far. IndustryGamers recently talked with Rift Executive Producer and Trion Worlds Chief Creative Officer Scott Hartsman about preparing for a successful launch.

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donniebaseball2777d ago

Curious to see how long the success lasts until players flock back to WoW

Finger-Eater2777d ago

They advertised the hell out of this game.

nikrel2777d ago

I'm not going back to wow, this game is a blast the story is pretty awesome. I'm taking my time & not rushing to 50, completing every quest in every zone I visit. The graphics are also refreshing from the bring cartoonish style of wow, not saying wow is bad it's awesome, but this is something different.

After playing wow off and on for 7 years i'm bored of it, This is something new and fresh.

The only drawback imo is that you level too fast, i'm lvl 33 and i've only fully completed the first two areas as a guardian.

I wish this game only had open world pvp and had no instances, Battlegrounds and Cross Server pvp ruined the pvp experience.