Black Ops double XP weekend to celebrate Escalation DLC

Treyarch's to host a Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend kicking off on May 6.

Specific platforms weren't announced, but it's likely to be Xbox 360 only as the XP weekend's been planned to coincide with the May 3 launch of the Escalation map pack.

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Ducky2441d ago

There's more DLC?

BakedGoods2441d ago

Any word on a PS3 release date?

Jac5al2441d ago

Every CoD map pack until 2012 comes out a month later on PS3 & PC.

WarPonyDestroyer2441d ago

add a month or two for pc and ps3 releases.

zeal0us2441d ago

I will take the double xp but the map pack no thx I'm not spending 15dollars again, lesson learned.

warrior99882441d ago

shove escalation up your ***

4pocalyps32441d ago

I want to see their zombie map.


Damn i luv this game..F**k the hate COD gets...The online is just pure fun and addictive.... I was playing Killzone 3 for a couple of months but im back to COD Black ops..Dont get me wrong KZ3 Online is fun as well but COD online is like a drug...U get a instant buzz as soon as u jump it.

WarPonyDestroyer2441d ago

And even more funny is how everyone bashes COD on forums and preaches for you not to buy the content, yet they still do. Hypocrite entitled gamers.

darkvenom2441d ago

FU activision,and treyarch shove this piece of crap.

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