SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs - GameTrailers Video Review HD

Does SOCOM have the tactics to liberate itself from its fellow shooters? The PlayStation 3's exclusive third-person franchise is put to the test!

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Snake-eater2779d ago

looks to be good game for the fans

young juice2779d ago

the trolls are inevitable though

meetajhu2779d ago ShowReplies(2)
Snake-eater2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

double post

THC CELL2779d ago

Much better review unlike some.

the game is awesome not as noobie as call of duty and move is something new to play , a experiance

ksoto2779d ago

Thats more like it and based off of the mp i played i expected a score anywhere between 7.5 and an 8.0 for me which warrants purchase.

hamburger1232779d ago

you should base your purchase on what YOU played not other reviews.

ksoto2779d ago

Im not stupid its based off both. I didnt play the sp so i couldnt base it solely off of what i played.

2779d ago
Ju2779d ago

Judging from MP it is 8+ for me (8-9 or something). Not the popular run and gun game, but very polished and great to play - once you get to use to it. I also think the visuals stand out. Quite packed with details in at least that jungle level. If the SP/Co-Op can keep up with that, that'll do. It's a purchase for me after we are getting flooded with FPS shooters. Quite a different game for a change.

ksoto2779d ago

Yeah i enjoyed the difference between COD run and gun as opposed to Socoms approach to being tactical. One thing is for sure if you go in thinking your running and gunning you get mauled down quickly ive experienced that a few times lol and had to use strategy instead!!!
The visuals were pleasing to me as well def. better than MAG, but with a similar feel.
Ju add me my psn id is kenjovani as i have Socom pre ordered and will be playing it often.

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The story is too old to be commented.