The State of the Shooter: A Plea for ‘Battlefield 3′

Trung Bui of Game Rant writes, "The Call of Duty franchise has dominated the online first person shooter market for the past few years – with good reason, too. Its multiplayer is easy to get into, fun, and offers quick-to-play matches. On the other hand, the Battlefield series on PC, as well as the Bad Company series on consoles, offers engaging and committed gameplay in which the player can be rewarded for playing a role, rather than being focused on maintaining a high kill/death ratio.

As a player of both CoD and Battlefield online multiplayer, it’s safe to say that while we love Battlefield’s emphasis on playing a role in the game, it’s hard not to agree with Michael Pachter’s assessment that Battlefield 3 will not be outselling the next Call of Duty, even though EA and DICE have designed it to do so.

Here’s why…"

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