Uncharted 3 Wish List

Nathan Drake may just well be the most charming character ever to grace a console, and with several hundred thousand eyes hungrily stalking the master developers that are Naughty Dog, We Got This Covered thought it’d be a nice time to list our top ‘wants’ for the third game, Drake’s Deception.

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Ryan_at_WGTC2805d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on Uncharted 3. I loved the first two and from what I have read and heard the 3rd will be even better.

Chazboski2805d ago

I'm a tad worried about our expectations. The first two games set the bar at a level that could be simply unreachable.

metsgaming2804d ago

i thought uncharted 2 couldnt possible be much better than drakes fortune, Naughty dog proved me wrong and i think they will do it again. If anyone can do it, its Naughty Dog.

MaxXAttaxX2804d ago

I think people should stop "wishing" for stuff and just wait to see what happens in the game.
Otherwise, you build false hopes and end up disappointing yourself, despite how good the game actually was.

rezzah2804d ago

That would ruin the whole experience and meaning of Uncharted.

Unless of course it has something to do with the storyline.

TheHip142804d ago

I know, I was kidding haha

rezzah2804d ago

Decisions like this are best left up to the developer, especially in this case.

I say this because ask yourself this, "Whhat was hte last terrible game made by Naughty Dog?"

Everything they have brought out has had a high level of fun and a great experience.

Jak & Daxter

Oldman1002804d ago

Id like to see a better inventory and reload system. For example:

-Ditch the bullet counter for a magazine counter. Instead of showing 120 ammo for his ak47 have it show 4 mags instead.

-Include the option for a combat reload or a tactical reload. Or automatically choose between one of the two depending on situation. When doing a tactical reload take into consideration of the bullet already in the chamber.

-Have him chamber the round only when necessary.

-When drake reloads have a more detailed animation showing him take the magazine out of the bandoleer and inserting it into the weapon.

-It would also be nice to have the option to upgrade the bandoleer capacity as you progress through the game.

I haven't seen one shooter include all these little details. In my opinion, it would make the shooting experience much more satisfying if they did.

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