Review: SOCOM 4 gets tactically close | Gamer Sheep

The Gamer Sheep website has posted its SOCOM 4 review and feels the game is a good shooter but loses the core identity of the franchise.

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gamersheep2505d ago

Were you hoping for a 10/10? Sorry to disappoint you mate.

zgoldenlionz2505d ago

yeah seriously 8.5 is a solid score... actually not sure why im reading reviews gonna buy this game and play with my 50+ member clan regardless.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

This is more reasonable, because is talking about how Tactical the game is.

''The one thing that will surprise most of you is how the enemy AI acts differently just about every time you start a mission''

Interesting, should be a lot of fun with 5 Players Coop mode.

Didn't know there is no Campaign Coop mode, only extra missions.

arizona-techgeek2505d ago

So it's not a SOCOM 2 remake? No thanks.

zgoldenlionz2505d ago

congratulations!! youre the 1 millionth person to say socom 4 isnt socom 2. wheres captain obvious when i need him.

lodossrage2505d ago

Another whiner?

Look, I liked socom 2 back in the day too. But bottomline, GET OVER IT. If you want socom 2, there is a pretty nice game out there you can buy RIGHT now.

Wanna know what it's called? I'll tell you, it's called....SOCOM 2!!!!

Sanii2505d ago

When does this game come out?

ElGoosey2505d ago

19th of April for the US. Not sure about the rest of the world though

Headquarters112505d ago

I wasn't expecting this game to get high scores at all. I'm buying it either way.

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