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plb2776d ago

Looks good but then again so did FIFA 11

I_find_it_funny2776d ago

I passed on purchasing 10 and 11, played those only at friends house.

Im gonna pick this one up

gunnerforlife2776d ago

i passed on 11 because it just looked too much like 10 and not much of an enhancement but ama defo get 12, only gone get fiffa games once every 2 years

Rampaged Death2776d ago

Wowza my mind has been blown from this single screenshot ;D

Theo11302776d ago

Why'd they pick Kaka, he's not even going to be a Real madrid next year, useless.

plb2776d ago

cause people like saying kaka ;P

guigsy2776d ago

Plus he's grown a beard now so it's already out of date.

Commander_TK2776d ago

How do u know? What if Ozil gets injured? Btw, he'll be back. He had good match against Bilbao.

KeiKei2775d ago

ozil is too good to get injured =)

OpiZA2776d ago

Just one of those games I will always love and always play. Easily put the most hours into my Fifs... Bring on 12

hamburger1232776d ago

I hope they fix the freezes (on PS3)

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The story is too old to be commented.