This Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer Is Freaking Capitvating As Hell

GameBlurb writes, "I'm a big Tekken fan by far and I've thoroughly enjoyed Street Fighter IV. So when you take the characters from both the series and put them into one, it's bloody brilliant. Capcom, seems like you guy's have made a match made in heaven!"

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Kiroe2804d ago

While it looks like fun to play, there is just something lackluster about the visuals. Not quite on par with Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Misterhbk2804d ago

I'll be waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter. Always loved my 3D fighters a lot more than the 2D.

Quagmire2804d ago

Lol at disagree fairies. Apparantley to them, no you DONT love 3D more than 2D, and no you WONT be waiting for Tekken X.

Misterhbk2804d ago

Lol Quagmire

The psychics of N4G are in my head again!

Scyrus2804d ago

yeeeaah tell me about it kiroe, the animations arent good, I hate the art style, so sick of those ugly gorilla faces from SF4, and their builds are just bad.

I mean nina looks like shes a dude, her arms and everything r so big, and the lighting and graphics r just off and dull.

MVC3 looks alot better, in animation, art style everything.

the only thing Im looking forward to in this game is seeing the opening cutscene.

they need to make another dark stalkers, not this.

O well, atleast AKsys is working on a new blazblue :)

liquidxtension2804d ago

This looks freaking amazing!

shak2804d ago

agreed, it's hard to make impressive graphics for these kind of games anymore

junk3d2804d ago

I just love the artstyle on this game! Would they port this on the 3DS too?

Der_Kommandant2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I'll wait until Street Fighter X Tekken Alpha HD Super Mega Ultra Remix Hyper Arcade Championship Edition comes out

Rynx2804d ago

You know I really wonder if people who still try this "joke" actually laugh out loud as they type it thinking it's the most original thing they have ever came up with.

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The story is too old to be commented.