SSF4: AE Gameplay, Trailer, Price & Release Date Revealed

The trailer and gameplay video for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition on consoles have been released.

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BXbomber2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

so wait i don't get it (i lost ssf4 a long time ago)i was planning getting ssf4 again but now i don't know if i should buy ssf4 and buy the dlc when it comes out or wait to buy the packaged disc dlc one that comes out later that month.....if thats true according to amazon.

MaxXAttaxX2721d ago

I'd wait.
$15 for 4 characters is a little much.

Gohadouken2721d ago

you do realize that so far most dlc chars have been sold at 7-8 dollars each ? ANd that it propose more than just 4 chars ?

Rainstorm812721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

15 Bucks isnt too bad i guess, but come on capcom let the excessive milking stop.

Bring on Street Fighter X Tekken!!

kagon012721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Digital content with DRM or physical copy, the choice is yours...

Raider692721d ago

The physical copy is at $39.99 on amazon!Capcom is milking SF and screwing gamers on the process!

GoldPS32721d ago

Every company milks gamers. It's just business. You not being force to buy it so just stop complaining.

Senden2721d ago

Not EVERY company milks their loyal fans and the whole (it's just business) comeback is getting really old. Sure he doesn't have to buy it but as a consumer and probably a sf fan, he has every right to complain.