CSI: Hard Evidence - Eurogamer Review "hilariously low-budget"

The conversation system is about as basic as you can get, with a set stock of questions, and absolutely no degree of choice in what you ask them, how you approach your questioning (softly softly, sarcastic, or just playing hardball). It's like Monkey Island never happened.

After a while you might even begin to zone out from how absolutely awful the graphics are. If you're a die-hard adventure apologist with a CSI fixation then step right up, but the rest of you can put your curiosity to one side - especially at its current stupidly high price point.

Some components of the game are so hilarious low-budget and clunky that it detracts significantly from the enjoyment - such as the way the game doesn't allow you to move around the crime scene freely in 3D, preferring an appallingly limited system of on-rails movement

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MK_Red4077d ago

Well, from day one it was obvious this game is gonna be terrible. Still, they gave it a high score compared to the review.

GameClearer4077d ago

csi Bad TV Show = Bad Game simple as that

titntin4077d ago

Well I have to conceed that they are right about absolutely everything they say on this title.

But I still find it strangely compelling.
I've played this through now with my wife and though its ocasionally frustrating, I have to say I've enjoyed it.
I couldn't unreservedly recommend this to anyone of course, but if you do enjoy the show, rent this title and you might find the storys draw you in....despite the issues!

Jen5en4077d ago

"Note to self: Don't turn crappy TV-series into videogames. If big Hollywood productions bomb, then the Lord have mercy on daytime-TV games."

I sometimes wonder how these companies approve some douchebag's suggestion. I mean, do they actually expect this to sell?

Daytona4077d ago

Unless they make these games like the Condemmed games which are similar based on the TV show, they shouldn't put forth any effort at all.
Actually they didn't put forth any effort on this, did they?

A CSI game like Condemmed would be very interesting with a lot of suspence thrown in, this current and all other CSI games are like 1980's PC games. Weak.