IGN - Killing Heroes in Resident Evil: Raccoon City

IGN - Resident Evil 5 is a distant memory and there's no sign of Resident Evil 6 on the horizon, so Capcom is taking its iconic survival horror franchise in an entirely new direction. Not only will you take a trip to the past, you'll also be able to change the course of history. With Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, you not only take control of Umbrella Corporation operatives, but you can actually battle with the iconic hero Leon Kennedy – and kill him.

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Scyrus2779d ago

but i loved all the old resident evils, even 5! why hire a western dev to do what but worse? *sigh

Spenok2779d ago

Who says they are going to ruin the game? You never know. They may have made Confrontation, and yes, at launch it was a pile of crap. However, within a year that game was patched to near perfection (for socom fans) and it was a damn good game.

I know that a year after launch is FAR to long for a game to be functional, however my point is just to say that that shows that this developer is willing to fix any mistakes they had with the game while listening to fan feedback. And im sure (hoping) that they have learned there lesson with this one and will make sure to have the game in a working condition BEFORE its launched. Also them working directly with Capcom should have a nice touch on the polish as well im sure.

There have been numerous times where another dev has taken over a franchise we know and love and they have done great things with it, Such as Bluerock with Dead Rising, and Crystal Dynamics with Tomb Raider Legends, and Murcury Steam with the new Castlevania etc...

Basically all im saying here is dont write off a game before we even see any proper gameplay. Especially this far from release.

Now of course i could be wrong about all of this, and optomism could be flying out of my mouth with reckless abandon.... but i guess im just willing to give them a shot. Hey, at least the Socom's for PSP were damn good, and all of those came out of Slant Six games. >.>

mushroomwig2779d ago

'you can actually battle with the iconic hero Leon Kennedy – and kill him.'

As long as it's an optional thing then I'm not too bothered. Killing Leon Kennedy is out of the question for me!

2779d ago
N4Gsukballs2779d ago

Leon is the greatest RE Hero ever.

Spenok2779d ago

I think i just may have to agree with Mushroomwig on this one. She was the origional, and in my opinion far more interesting.

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