Dragon's Dogma - Eurogamer hands-on

EG: "Let's be honest. We've never asked ourselves, what if Capcom's Devil May Cry team employed its action expertise to create a game which could be described as Monster Hunter meets Oblivion? But then we're not in the business of making games. Capcom is, and that's exactly what it's done. Say hello to Dragon's Dogma."

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kingdavid2776d ago

This sounds ambitious to say the least.

Im intrigued.

Misterhbk2776d ago

I'm VERY interested. it may not be breath of fire, but its an amazing looking RPG. Just the sort of thing I could sink my teeth into.

Spenok2776d ago

Agreed, the trailer had my interests. However after hearing direct words from the Devs i know want to know more and want to get my hands on a controller :D

Neckbear2776d ago

Sounds like a game I would like.

jay22776d ago

Intresting, but the constant repeating words and text will piss me off.

Alos882776d ago

Reminds me a little of Shadow of the Colossus.

a_bro2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

sounds like this game leads on PS3:

"Eventually the beast's wings catch fire and it tumbles to the ground. A quick sprint and we're up close, hacking and slashing with our daggers. But with a press of the R2 button we can grab the beast anywhere, then cling on for dear life, climbing, pulling at its feathers, stabbing frantically, eking down that boss life bar."

thats a big deal after all the crap capcom gave to PS3 users.

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