Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Officially Confirmed for PC

DasReviews writes: "We knew that it would be announced in Captivate. Don't forget that we informed you about this upcoming announcement some months ago. The embargo of Captivate is over and Capcom has officially confirmed that Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is coming to PC. "

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warrior99882806d ago

can someone explain how the DLC work will it work like lost & damned or ballad of gay tony

johnnyisawesome2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

it would properly be released as a full game - retail price most likely, idk just guessing here ;D

riksweeney2806d ago

Bit slow on the announcement, Capcom. It's been on TPB for the last month.

Seriously though, how are they going to prevent the rampant piracy that plagues PC games these days?

yewles12806d ago

I think they're releasing this to prove a point ON PC piracy...

john22806d ago

The SSF4AE PC version will have GFWL SSA keys. Which basically means that pirates won't be able to play online this time ;)

ksoto2806d ago

Milk them Capcommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! like you did selling super street fighter 4 after street fighter 4 lol

truehunter2806d ago

Man i cant wait for Super Street Fighter IV Twin Turbo Arcade Alpha Edtion delux. This time they gonna add evil akuma, Dark Sakura, Girly Ken with long hair, Evil Cammy, Good M. Bison, and best of all more DLC costume on release date.


Modestmex2806d ago

alright ill be getting this.

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