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Dart892778d ago

I want this game so bad but i'm afraid they are gonna dlc milk it:(

JohnnyMann4202778d ago

You mean like offering different costumes?

I have yet to buy any Capcom DLC and could careless. If I wanted the DLC that bad I would pay for it.

Who cares that they offer costumes for DLC?

I still play MvC and SSF IV and have yet to purchase additional content until they offer something I want.

Has not ruined my experience one bit and if anything it helps Capcom in the pocket so they can continue to make great games.

Baka-akaB2778d ago

yeah it's funny how everyone moaning about capcom's fighting game , has yet to point us toward a game with as many free dlc as theirs .

You can say screw costumes and get enough freebies

ComboBreaker2778d ago

The game would be more balance if air-Combos has risks.

Right now, Tekken is all about memorizing one air-combo, and using it over and over again, with no strategy involve at all.

I like it to return to the days of Tekken 3, where you actually need all things: skills, memory, and strategy, to be good.

EVO-OM3GA2778d ago

I have yet to buy any DLC from capcom fighting games, but Im such a Huge Tekken Fan I will gladly purchase any and every costume DLC

Trailer is FUCKING AWSOME! I am eager to see how Tekken and Street Fighters story come together!

Kazuya is THE MAN!

crimsonfox2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

oh my god i HATE the art direction of these trailers!

although i cant to whoop jins ass with Steve Fox WOOT WOOT!

CLOUD19832778d ago

Seriously the makers of this trailer deserve an OSCAR!
I love this awesome trailers capcom make keep them coming capcom!