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ksoto2477d ago

Fireeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait!!!!

Rainstorm812477d ago

Im a fan of SF4, and the gameplay on this makes me want it day 1

Sam Fisher2477d ago

ill buy it day 1 when the super edition comes out

ComboBreaker2477d ago

so unlike this is more like SFA3, or SF 3rd Strike (in other word, with air block, etc.), then I am not going to buy it.

protekjv2477d ago

looking good. who else click on the sonya cosplay.....??

witwiki502477d ago

the street fighter guys are really getting a beating in this video

Chaos692477d ago

That's because next video will probably be Akuma/Gouken kicking everyone's ass

Quagmire2476d ago

Akuma andGouken vs Heihachi and Jinpachi, that will be an intense matchup

2477d ago
caseh2477d ago

Good lord, thats the first I've seen of it and that just looks horrible!

Just my opinion of course but I was expecting Tekken with the SF roster in it rather than something that looked like a half-assed hack of SFIV. Ugh...

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