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Rise Of Nightmares is a title that has slipped slightly under the radar due to very limited information being released, but SEGA’s up and coming Kinect horror game is to be given a 18 rating by the BBFC making it the first adult only Kinect title for the hands free device.

With the amount of media controversy Manhunt received, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rise Of Nightmares receives the same type of attention, especially now that players are being put in the first person and will be utilising motion technology to carry out the gorefest.

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Just_The_Truth2779d ago

manhunt was awesome rise of the nightmare won't come close being graphic doesn't make it awesome the GAMEPLAY and story do if you can actually move maybe if on rail hell no

candystop2779d ago

I agree with you but for next time add some punctuation marks!

dragonelite2779d ago

From what i heard it is not on rails.

Bigpappy2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

If you are just slicing Zombies, it may not get anyone too nervous. But if 7yr old Jimmy is having blood fly all over the screen, moms could panic quick!

2779d ago
L6RD7BLU32779d ago

NO manhunt will be the next manhunt and rise of nightmares will be the next rise of nightmares, why do people come up with this stupid crap.

Masterchef20072779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Manhhunt wasnt on rails so Rise of Nightmares will never be like it. Errr the closest i can think of is Dead Space Extraction which is the only current gen horror game that i can compare it too. The game could also be like house of the dead as well.


Its not on rails? Strange to see how that is even possible with kinect without a controller. But if they manage to do it well, more power to Kinect users.

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