The Next Generation: Assassin's Creed team on "Next Gen"

BBC Click reports: The video games industry is obsessed with the phrase "next generation", but what does it actually mean? What can gamers expect from any game given that name?

Ubisoft Montreal's producer Jade Raymond, creative director Patrice Desilets, associate producer Vincent Pontbriand, and AI programmer Matthieu Mazerolles comments on what "next gen" means -- in terms of graphics, gameplay, environments, characters, AI, physics, and story -- by using their upcoming game, Assassin's Creed, as an example.

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PimpHandHappy4079d ago

engrossing storys with great gameplay and graphics.

bym051d4078d ago

So Final Fantasy VI is next gen, all these years later?

Next gen is just a made up moniker. The majority of games are things that could have been made on previous gen systems with some changes. It takes a real genre changer, like Mario64, or GTA3 to be worthy of being next gen.

Itachi4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Assassins creed is maybe next gen for the xbox 360 but not on the PS3

it stands out next to games like Halo3 and Forza2

But looks really sub par compared to killzone2, mgs4, uncharted and R&C

sak5004079d ago

I approved cuz i like Jade

dachiefsman4077d ago

I know its already been said, but man....she is hot

nevelo074079d ago

Jade Raymond need to get her a$$ out the spotlight, she just a pretty face to market the game, i bet you she dosent know how to do sh!t but sit there and take pictures and say what shes being told to say, i never seen a person involved in a videogame try to take the spotlight all the time, its really unfair cause its a lot of other people working on this game that youll never see. Jade PLease [email protected] off im tired of seeing you.

Chris_GTR14078d ago

wtf? finnaly in the gaming scene theres a hot ass girl and your mad about it? would you rather she not be there then we'd be looking at a fat harry guy doing all the assasin creed interviews? seriously something wrong with all the jade haters.

skarn4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I'm pretty sure she tells everyone else how to do their jobs, seeing as how she's a producer...

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