Minor GTA IV Multiplayer Details

"Rockstar's man on the scene told GamingExcellence that they had begun testing the various plots and that the developers were considering the possibility of having an open world completely unlocked from the start of the game. We also understand that the game's multiplayer mode, unseen in the GTA franchise since GTA2 in 1997, is aiming for at least 16 simultaneous players, with more than just the usual deathmatch mode," quotes GTA4.TV.

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gamesR4fun4083d ago

Hope the source on this is solid best I was hoping for was 2 player lol
Still gonna wait for the real reviews b4 I buy.

Chris_GTR14083d ago

its gta... u dont need reviews to know its gonna be good.

ATLRoAcH4083d ago

I agree.Its good my tip got used I was gonna post it but got tired last night.Thanks KingofPS3.

Mr PS34083d ago

Wow Thank you microsoft and you crap console the 360!!!
God i wish that GTA4 was a PS3 exclusive then we could be talkin about 32 players online or maybe 64 or even more you see while your happy with you 16 player online us PS3 gamers have been used to 40 on RFOM 32 on warhawk and it can only get better !!
But once again thank you microsoft for holding one on the greatest games to ever hit a console BACK !!

ATLRoAcH4083d ago

I just got Warhawk.I waited awhile because I was afraid my NAT Type 3, 3mb down internet connection would lag(like it did with every EA game I played online).But much to my surprise there was absolutely none,zero, no lag at all.And even though there was 31 other players running around there was no lag.And it only takes a few seconds to join a game.My point...Warhawk is awesome.

Chris_GTR14082d ago

.... this dosent have anything to do with platforms at i see why you only have 1 bubble. :(
i think its possible to have over 16 players on 360 consoles. it also just depends on how many people are too much to be running around on map at same time. huxley coming out next year for 360 its going to be MMORPGFPS (LOL seriously) it sounds like its gonna be good. i heard its going to be like battlefield where you conquer entire citys for your team, but on a mmo scale. also know theres vehicles and all sorts of planes and stuff.looking forward to hearing more about it. the beta is already out so thats a good sign. :)

RunamukK4083d ago

This game is gona kick so much a$$!!

PlayStation3604083d ago

for a GTA game... especially one for the PS3/360? And not just deathmatches? This is gonna be crazy.

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