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The original inFAMOUS featured an almost ideal sandbox game world. Running around with such explosive, limitless power made me feel like I could do anything in the game, and that felt pretty great. But now I know that this was only the beginning. Imagine having the tools to create your own missions to play through in this world. Imagine being the hero of your own missions. The new user-generated content ability in inFAMOUS 2 lets you create just about anything you can imagine, and then share it, making this sandbox a whole lot more fun to play in.

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dead_eye2804d ago

I think this is gonna be my game of the year. Loved the first one and the biggest problem with it was once you'd completed the story and side quests the game became boring. Thats the only reason I didn't platinum it.

This solves the problem.

Focker4202804d ago

Beta invites are being sent out today!!!!

karl2804d ago

this year i just cant tell what game will win my personal GOTY.

soo many great games.. and not only from SONY's first party studios but also from many others...

2804d ago
SuperStrokey11232804d ago

Sounds better and better all the time. inFamous is shaping up to be a truly awesome game. Cant wait.