130° L.A Noire hands-on preview – a real police quest headed over to London to get some hands-on time with Rockstar's latest upcoming heavy hitter, L.A Noire.

L.A Noire, as its misspelt title suggests is influenced by the noir film genre, and offers up a rich, detailed look at the glitzy, glamorous Los Angeles of the late 1940’s. In it, you’ll rise through the LAPD ranks as Cole Phelps (superbly characterised by Mad Men’s Aaron Staton), a decorated veteran-turned detective exposing the gloomy, dark side of an otherwise vibrant and optimistic post-war America.

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WobblyOnion2681d ago

This is right at the top of my must-have list!

granthinds2681d ago

Completely... This game is going to revolutionize gaming.

Milni062681d ago

Great preview and write-up. This game was a possible buy for me, but it has moved to a must have now.

The idea of a detective type game with no supernatural garbage getting in the way appeals to the very gamer within me :-D

granthinds2681d ago

I think supernatural would be rad, but i'm not really bothered either way... The appeal for LA Noire lies elsewhere...

granthinds2681d ago

I'm so excited for this one. Really impressed with RockStar. They've outdone themselves...AGAIN!

zeeshan8102681d ago

umm its Team Bondi who developed this game. -____- smh. They get the most credit.

pantsula2681d ago

Can't wait to see this in action, for real

Echo2681d ago

Awesome preview. It's Rockstar so it'll be good, can't wait to play this.

zeeshan8102681d ago

DUDE its Team Bondi who developed this game with help from R*. So basically its Team Bondi's game.

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