Capcom Teases Brand-New IP Several Years in The Making, Reveal Coming Later This Morning

"It’s Springtime, and it seems that flowers aren’t the only things blossoming, but new IP’s as well. It appears that Capcom has a mysterious new title, several years in the making, and the reveal is all-set for later this morning."

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kookie2568d ago

I hope that its something good.

doctorstrange2568d ago

So many times by Capcom, but I still can't help getting my hopes up

NJShadow2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Yeah... it's like that's what they're known for. I think Resident Evil 5 and cringe, then I think Super Street Fighter IV and smile. =)

captain-obvious2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

i bet 10 bucks that it'll suck ass

no matter what game it is
capcom is going to fuck it up

rbanke2568d ago

announcements of announcements!

NJShadow2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

"Yo dog, we put an announcement in your announcement, so you can find out before you find out."

gravemaker2568d ago

cant wait, hope its good

imoutofthecontest2568d ago

There's already a game called that.

This story is about a new IP.

An "IP" is short for "Intellectual Property." It basically means "franchise."

So this is about a new standalone which may or may not become a series.

So no. Not Dino Crisis. No.

Quagmire2568d ago

but they said no sequel

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The story is too old to be commented.