Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 pushed back into 2012

Due to several months delay in delivery of the technology by it manufacturer [Crytek] we probably would not be able to create a product within the promised artistic and technological quality. I would suggest that investors should not expect that [Sniper 2 will hit the shelves] this year – Tymiński said.

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Quagmire2805d ago

And not a single truck was driven that day.

Blaze9292805d ago

Sniper: Ghost Warrior was a pretty interesting game. You know how much it sold and was played in UK? A lot more people care than you think.

Using the CryENgine 3 this time around should be very interesting.

ColecoVision2805d ago

City Interactive announced a few weeks back that they hit the 1 million mark with units sold.

ColecoVision2805d ago

Using the Cry Engine this time should be interesting.

Attention City Interactive... Please turn out some decent A.I.

Thank you, yours truly.

NYC_Gamer2805d ago

the engine won't help against crappy gameplay

ddurand12805d ago

hopefully with the pushback theyll be able to work on it.

I was disappointed with this game. It looked promising but turned out poor in the end.

Der_Kommandant2805d ago

Push back that crap another 320 years

DrHouse2805d ago

Even the mighty Cryengine cannot make garbage gameplay better.

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