Neocrisis: Double Nintendo 3DS Battery Life with Nyko’s Charge Base and Power Pak

Neocrisis: Nyko Technologies today announced that two of its new Nintendo® 3DS accessories are now available in major retailers and online. At the heart of both products is the Power Pak+, a high capacity rechargeable battery pack for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system that offers double the capacity and battery life of the standard 3DS battery.

Nyko’s latest Charge Base is also now available, designed to store the Nintendo 3DS and make sure it’s always fully juiced with easy drop-in charging.

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GuruStarr782807d ago

I got one last week. I love it. It doubles the battery and has a matte-like finish with fingerholds.

It was easy to put in too, took four screws out of the original cover, and popped the old battery out (that was actually the hardest part, trying to get it out) and placed the Nyko battery in, and screwed the four screws in with the included screwdriver. The screws on the Nyko battery were also already in place and ready to go.

I also bought an aluminum casing for my 3DS. I had to buy it from a retailer in Japan, but its great. It's got a felt liner inside so it does not scratch the outside of the 3DS, and only the top part goes on now because of the Nyko Battery, but I like to keep my stuff in mint condition in case I want to re-sell it.