Top 10 Next Gen Protagonists

Dealspwn lists the ten best seventh gen protagonists, from Marcus Fenix to Nathan Drake

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Blues Cowboy2804d ago

Looks like the article itself says "7th gen," think it's just been shortened for N4G.

Lamarthedancer2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Greyson Hunt....seriously. Theres more deserving characters

Just to name a few

Faith...Mirrors Edge
Issac Clare..Dead Space
Sev...Killzone 3

Just to name a few. I think at least one of them who deserves it more then him.

FK882804d ago

Jack, Chell and Isaac are all empty voids for the player to fill; they're not really characters perse, more like vessels.

While Hunt is obviously abrasive and divisive, he has qualities and a certain charm. To each their own.

I'd love to know how you'd justify Sev as a good protagonist. He's as bland as they come.

SageHonor2804d ago

In KZ2 yes he was really bland but in KZ3 he showed more personality.. But see 90% of killzone fans like the helghast better.. so yeah

Lamarthedancer2804d ago

I didn't justify anything so stop looking for an argument

I just suggested possible characters I even said "Just to name a few."

Plus Issac had a voice, so did Jack in a way if you count what he said in the beginging