L.A. Noire is cutscene heavy will this alienate action gamers?

With a game so heavy with story elements will this alienate gamers simply after some action?

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dangert122473d ago

Same way metal Gear Solid 4 did? lol course i won't i respect a well told story =D

ShadesMoolah2473d ago

A lot of gamers skipped the MGS cutscenes, but in this game it seems the cutscenes are more integral with the gameplay.

dangert122473d ago

The disagree wearn't from me and if alot of gamers did skip it then alot of gamers missed out on one of the best animated story's ever told

gaffyh2473d ago

I didn't skip a single cutscene on my first MGS4 play through. More cutscenes usually mean a better story, and story matters the most in single player games. So I'm all for this.

badz1492473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

what? where did that "facts" came from?

GrieverSoul2473d ago

Im glad there are new games featuring more cutscenes. I love to play an interactive story. I love story driven games and this game is shaping up to be a master piece.

Do cutscenes alienates certain people? Why not make them skipabble. Problem solved.

ShadesMoolah2473d ago

Badz my facts come from the numerous moaners who complained about the hours of cutscenes when the game launched - where were you? Also numerous friends skipped the scenes and just played the game.

Also, you guys who frequent this site, are most likely hardcore gamers who can appreciate a good story and a bit of depth. Whereas there are many more casuals who a) don't have time to wade through hours of non playable moments, and b) would rather point and shoot - hence the popularity of shooters like Black Ops etc.

TBM2473d ago

I know I didn't skip any cutscenes, as I would have missed the entire story

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TBM2473d ago

It wont bother me none, im just waiting patiently for it to release.

PeZuS2473d ago

Who the fuck cares about action gamers and why should the LA noir devs care? They can keep playing their action games.

VampiricDragon_2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

its more on linear. So its less action adventure like gta and red dead and more.......

Jocosta2473d ago

If there is no need for a controller for say, half the game, then it gets annoying.

Convas2473d ago

Alan Wake didn't alienate me. Neither did Heavy Rain. Or Deadly Premonition (Yes, LOL, I played it, don't judge me?)

I'm a person who can appreciate a good story driven game or get into heavy brain-numbing action game.

But needless to say, my hype level for L.A. Noire is through the ROOF. I cannot WAIT to play it!

BlmThug2473d ago

I Like Cutscenes As Long As They Are Good Cutscenes And Have To Do With The Story, I Have Never Skipped A Cutscene Ever As I Feel Im Going To Miss Out On Things

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