A Newb’s Guide to… Demon’s Souls Part 3

If there’s one thing to take note of while playing the epitome of unforgiving games known as Demon’s Souls, it is this: there won’t be anyone to hold your hand and guide you though the game. After the very brief tutorial at the start of the game, you’re really not told anything else. Upgrading weapons, learning how to use magic and miracles, what weakness certain enemies have, all of it must be learned as you play. Alone. Whilst it’s far from straightforward to discover these things as a first timer in the English version of the game, if you were foolish enough to buy the Korean import like Newb Review’s Adam Radcliffe, it’s a whole lot tougher. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is because the manual is in Korean.

Yet another potential stumbling block is item usage. Throughout your dungeon crawling you’ll pick up a plethora of items that initially give no clue as to their purpose. Read on to uncover their secrets…

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rataranian2750d ago

I hope the next one is even harder so the noobs will stay away.

NaiNaiNai2750d ago

every is a noob at some point.


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